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Here's how it goes down.


love your community?

We want to work with companies who are passionate about making a difference in their community, keeping money local, and supporting positive change. Does this sound like you?



Giv Local needs 3 statements from your current Credit Card Processor. A low, medium and high traffic season to get an accurate snapshot of your business.


Receive a quote

Now that we understand you and your company a bit more. We’ll crunch some numbers and see what we can do to help optimize your business, and present you with just how much you can impact your community!


Registration & Sign Up

Like what you see? We’ll verify your business, sign some papers and make a switch as soon as possible. We’ll schedule a time to modify your current system during off hours, guaranteeing you won’t experience any hiccup to sales.

*Choose a local charity that aligns with your beliefs.


Get your giv swag!

You’ll receive a swag package (if you will) so you can tell the world, your customers and employees that you’re a business dedicated to positively impacting your community.


7/30/90 day checkups

We won’t leave you hanging! We’ll be sure to check in on you periodically to make sure your system is working smoothly. If anything needs updating or modified... we’ll be there!


Annual Impact Reporting

We’ll provide you with the reporting you need to run a smooth operation, as well as a certificate + thank you for the positive impact you’re making in your local community!