Fine tune your company’s ability to accept and process credit cards while bettering your community.



We'll match or beat your
existing rates



20% of everything we make goes back to a local charity of your choosing 



Fast and easy on-boarding without
missing a beat


What some of our customers are saying

“Giv Local makes credit card processing simple, fun and meaningful! We were up and running in no time; No hiccups, lower processing fees, and now we're donating to local food banks and environmental causes at no extra cost to us. Thanks!"

Alison Kurtz
Ameron Construction

“Our small business, Cool Beans Coffee and Tea in Bellefonte switched and our rates went down and we are now able to donate 20% of our processing fees to Paws. We would recommend Giv Local to any business in the Centre Region."

Ben & Sherry Nelson
Cool Beans Coffee & Tea

“Giv Local has been working great since day one. I couldn't even tell that there was a change in my credit card processor... except for that warm and fuzzy feeling I get every time I swipe a card knowing the Centre Foundation is getting another gift!!"

Scott Dutt
Happy Valley Optical



  • Processing Solutions for Every Business – From EMV terminals to online virtual terminals, shopping carts, mobile, and much more.

  • Customer Service – The ultimate customer experience delivered by real humans. Period.

  • Giv Branding – You’ll receive a window cling and a web badge that certified your local involvement to giving back.

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No Games,
Just Clear Pricing

Know What You’re Paying And Why

No added fees. Just savings and local impact.

  • Analyze, Save & Donate – We’ll analyze your current statements and provide you with a proposal that’s easy to understand, with clear pricing, savings and donations.

  • How We’re Different – Well, we're helping local communities, not overcharging with huge “flat rate pricing”, and striving to be a business that cares as a B-Corp? The real question is how are we similar?



Giv to Local Charity

WE'll take 20% of everything we make and donate it to your local nonprofit

We believe your fees can do more good in the world in the hands of your neighbors than they do with big banks. We'll provide you with a choice of vetted non profits in your county to give back to, and each year we'll strike a check and mail it to them. We'll tell them who the money came from so they can send thanks!


  • Must be located in the same county.

  • Must be highly rated on Charity Audit Sites.

  • Their mission must be publicly to help people.

  • Cannot donate more that 10% of budget to politicians, PACs, or other lobbying orgs.

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