Training Section 2
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The purpose of this section is to introduce the culture of Giv Local. Here’ you’ll find everything you need to know about us, and what we hope you’ll discover about yourself in the process, about how this all came to be. You’ll be versed in all of the reasons of why we’re doing this together, what’s possible and where to go from next. You’ll have completed your worksheets outlining potentials customers, nonprofits to support and more.

What to do

Simply scroll down this page, following each step in full detail. Be sure not to skip anything, as you’ll be tested at the end.

Before You Begin

Find a quiet place to settle in, get a pen or pencil, a notebook, perhaps a hot cup of tea or your favorite drink… smile, take a deep breath and jump in!

Step 1

Download and Print Out the Section 1Worksheets
(Be sure to grab a pen or pencil)

Step 2

Watch the Training Video (~20 minutes)
(Watch and Listen Carefully While Completing the Corresponding Worksheet)

Step 3

Review + Refresh
(Do you feel there was anything you missed? Feel free to go back and watch it again. And continue to fill out your worksheet as you see fit.)

Step 4

Take the Quiz
(Follow the link below to take the quiz, you’re welcome to use all of your notes. Upon completion of the quiz, your answers will be submitted to Giv. Once ALL Training Sections have been complete, we’ll give you a final evaluation in the days following. At the end of the quiz, we’ll provide you with the password to move onto Section 2.)